The Lunar Nodes (part III) - Navigating the Present Moment

Hello there and Happy New Year! As promised, although very late, this is the final installment of the three part series on the Lunar Nodes. In this post, we’ll cover Nodal placements, their aspects to other planets, and how we might make use of them. As previously discussed, the Nodes are extremely powerful and predictable points which function like a karmic calendar of recurring themes. On a personal level, we can utilize the Nodal placement in our Natal Charts to recognize, identify, and prepare for important themes and turning points in our lives. So how do we apply this information to our Natal Charts in order to navigate our present circumstances?

Let’s begin with the Natal Nodes. The Nodes change signs about every two and half years, and everyone born in that time frame will have Nodes in the same sign. Some have referred to those sharing the same Nodes as a soul group - folks who are dealing with similar ancestral patterns. In this sense, the Nodes are thematic. Where things differ for us as individuals depend on where the Nodes actually fall within the Natal Chart. Two people could have the Nodes in the same sign and degree, but when they fall in a different House, a different area of life is affected. When we consider the myriad of aspects to planets and points made during the Nodal journey through a sign, these transits can become highly personalized.   

For the record, where the South Node falls in the chart is where we find ease. It’s what we always do, what we find comforting. It is what we know. The North Node, however, is the path of growth. It is the unknown, and often we attempt to avoid it. Having natal and/or progressed planets aspect the Nodes by conjunction, opposition, or square can be very intense, yet it ultimately serves our personal work on our journey as a human being. Additionally, anyone whose natal planets tensely aspect our Nodes can serve as a catalyst for our soul growth. Trines and sextiles, though supportive, do little to make anything happen. For real change to occur, a hard aspect is necessary.  

Let’s say if the transiting North Node in Aries conjuncts natal Venus in the 7th House, conditions may arise that force us to confront how we assert ourselves in relationships with others. To understand how this might play out, we need look to the other planets involved. A square from an outer planet, such as Uranus, might change or break up current relationships, whereas an opposition from a planet like Jupiter may overwhelm us with too many relationships at once. In either case, it will be uncomfortable. And most often what we encounter is a culmination point of the last 18 years. The what we have always done comes face to face with what could we do now.

In this sense, a Nodal activation can feel like a rehash of old business, but what is different is how the impact of our choices during these transits will resonate for years to come. As if a window into our future and past opens simultaneously, and our choices become definitive, for better or worse. If we are present and paying attention, a Nodal activation can provide an opportunity to set an intentional course for the next few decades. We can make things happen! But that is the real challenge - knowing when that pivotal moment has presented itself and having the presence of mind to seize it.    

If you are interested in learning how the Nodes are impacting your chart, leave a comment or send a message!


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