"Peregrine has managed to weave together a tapestry blending astronomy and mythology effortlessly into a reading that gets richer each time I read through it. I feel that this prose holds my past, present, and future all simultaneously - and it resonates in a way that I was not anticipating. Peregrine has provided not just context to where I am, but clues to where I'm going." Marty R. - physical therapist

"I was a skeptic once, but observing the accuracy of influences describing the deeply personal traits and tendencies of my personality (and those I knew well) over time convinced me otherwise. As a thinking person, I’ve wanted more than the brief ‘newspaper’ astrology readings and books about sun signs and personality profiles. I want to understand astrology on a deeper level that can reaffirm my place in the cosmos. I want to understand some of the physical mechanics of these stellar influences — just enough to satisfy my intellectual curiosity so I can walk the bridge between knowledge, intuition, and instinct. This is Peregrine Astrology."  Mia B. - musical artist/truth seeker/crone

"I have had a couple of readings with Peregrine Astrology this year. I have always been skeptical about using astrology for predictions, which is an unspoken expectation for some, but only a blueprint for me and others. Peregrine Astrology has provided me with a blueprint to consider...a thoughtful and thorough explanation of my transits going into the future. Sometimes I will just live my life, go through the months, and then return to my reading. Then I realize that, while I helped create my own destiny, I still found coincidences within my past transits to be current and true." Don S. - entertainer

"The reading the Peregrine did for me was really spot on. It described so much of my personality and helped illuminate parts of me that I hadn't been noticing before. I had some big things coming up in my life and knowing that she had predicted them in my chart gave me a sense of comfort instead of being thrown of guard by them. I was able to navigate that period of time with much more grace and wisdom, because I knew there were issues I was meant to deal with. Looking back over the year since I had my reading done, I am amazed at all that happened in such a beautiful way. I really recommend for others to have their chart done by Peregrine Astrology, because it provides a really nice guidance system." Jill A. - business consultant


info at peregrineastrology dot com



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