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I go by Peregrine, and this is most likely the only time I will write in first person on this blog (unless I'm responding to a comment), but I figure it's the best way for everyone to get a sense of me and my work. It is my tendency to write from the standpoint of We, because I feel so deeply ingrained with the Collective. And over the next 30 years, thinking as We is going to be key to making it through the upcoming transits. I imagine you all Sense it as well. You've probably felt it your entire life. Like me. 

And it's this Sense which has inspired me to study astrology, or at least drove me to the Occult section at Hastings (showing my age here), which is where I purchased my first Astrology book when I was 16. And it wasn't a Linda Goodman book. But I can't tell you what it was either, because I ended up lending it out (after the pages were falling out of it), and never saw it again. Since then, I have amassed a pretty extensive library, have taken some courses, and joined the Astrological Association. The Astrological Association doesn't really make me more special than any other Astrologer, but it does provide me access to lots of online journals, conferences, and resources. And do I like to read, especially if there's a good puzzle somewhere.   

That all said, I never set out to become an Astrologer. Honestly, I think I was low key terrified to read professionally, because it is all interpretation. But I love the myths and stories behind the players in our Solar System and how all those metaphors mirror our own human existence. So I pursued a degree in English/Creative Writing, took electives in Philosophy, and embraced Astrology as a lifetime passion. But during the Pandemic, it seemed that everyone who reached out to me wanted to know about the current transits. It was a scary time for us all. My other work was evaporating into thin air right before my eyes, so I made an effort to answer. And then more people called. And I ran charts and conducted readings for anyone who asked. Then I followed up later to see how my interpretations panned out, and well, so far so good. Three years later, by request, I set up this blog as a sort of business card. 

So here I am! Peregrine, the Down to Earth Astrologer, at your Service! 

info at peregrineastrology dot com


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