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So want to extend a big thanks to all who have read and supported this blog and Peregrine Astrology. A year has passed since the first post! During this time, some of you have left comments, others have written, and some of you have asked for readings. The feedback has been enormous. In response to so many of you, this post is dedicated to outlining some basic Astrological details. Think of it like a quick reference page. So here goes:

Basic Layout of a Natal Chart

The circle represents the heavens in 2D space. Within the circle are the 4 angles that create the underlying structure

of the chart. The AC (ascendant) is rising with the Sun, as it is the sign on the horizon at dawn. It determines the Chart Ruler (the planet with the final say within the chart), which governs how we approach life. The DC (descendant) is setting, and its Ruler governs how we approach others. The MC (medium coeli or midheaven) is noon and relates to how we engage with the world at large. The IC (imum coeli) is midnight, and it deals with our conditioning.

Within the circle are 12 Houses represented by each zodiac sign. Each House represents a particular area of life and has a traditional ruler based on its sign. The time and place of birth determines the degrees of the angles and how the house system overlays in a particular chart. Planets and points tenant, or occupy, these houses, adding the character of the planet and the sign it rules to the house. The planets and points in the chart aspect each other through geometric relationships, thus creating tension and ease within the native's 3D experience as a being on earth. Think of it as a cosmic blueprint.

Here are some keys:

Planets are the What

Houses are the Where

Aspects are the How


Fire = Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Earth = Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Air = Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Water = Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


Cardinal = Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

Fixed = Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

Mutable = Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

The Traditional Houses and Rulerships:

House 1 of Self, Appearance, and Personal Will = Aries/ruled by Mars

House 2 of Self-Worth, Talents, and Personal Resources = Taurus/ruled by Venus

House 3 of Communication, Siblings, and Immediate Environment = Gemini/ruled by Mercury

House 4 of Home, Ancestry, and Karma = Cancer/ruled by the Moon

House 5 of Creativity, Children, and Self-Expression = Leo/ruled by the Sun

House 6 of Daily Work, Service, and Health = Virgo/ruled by Mercury

House 7 of Partnerships, Contracts, and Open Enemies = Libra/ruled by Venus

House 8 of Shared Resources, Intimacy, and Transformation = Scorpio/ruled by Pluto and Mars

House 9 of Wisdom, Foreign Travel, and Law = Sagittarius/ruled by Jupiter

House 10 of Career, Authority, and Honor = Capricorn/ruled by Saturn

House 11 of Fellowship, Groups, and Human Advancement = Aquarius/ruled by Uranus and Saturn

House 12 of the Subconscious, Dreams, and Delusion = Pisces/ruled by Neptune

Aries is The Ram, and it is ruled by Mars. Mars governs conflict, will, drive, aggression, stamina, endurance, frustration, accidents, self, appearance. Mars' energy is quite fiesty and requires direction to be useful. When utilized properly, Mars can move mountains. Left alone, it will fuck up your shit. Some say wherever Mars resides, there will be blood. If you need something done, Aries will do it. Fearless and uncompromising, thinking first before acting is paramount.

Taurus is The Bull, and he is ruled by Venus. Venus as related to Taurus rules the relationship we have with ourselves. Our personal values, relationships, art, money, resources in terms of the material world are all in focus. Taurus loves to be in love and can be quite artistic. Taurus is very sensitive, loves comfort, and can be extremely stubborn. There is a tendency toward laziness, and issues of ownership can arise. Providing space for you and those you love to just be is the challenge.

Gemini, The Twins is ruled by Mercury. Mercury as it relates to Gemini rules all types of communication, short trips, early education and friendships, siblings, and immediate environment. Think Beginner's Mind here. There is also a tendency to skim information here, but also can take in an exorbitant amount of information quickly and process it effortlessly. These folks seem to be everywhere all at once and have creative ideas and suggestions for everything. Over-promising can present problems.

Cancer is The Crab and is ruled by the Moon. Cancer is the deepest you go, as the Moon rules your soul. It houses your roots, ancestors, karma, and also the mother (and in some cases the father). Some of the murkiest emotional crap ever lives here. Feelings can be sticky here, and there could be attachment to the past. The relationship between this house, the placement of the Moon, the Nodes, and Black Moon Lilith, and their respective signs create ways into this house, should you be required to go looking here. We can use this house to observe our conditioning.

Leo is The Lion, and he is ruled by the Sun. The Sun rules your Ego and everything attached to it. This is where we shine, create, and have fun. The Sun also rules children, so it can sometimes be a childish sign, or it can indicate whether or not there will be any children. Intentions are always good, and Leo is ever loyal. But the Sun is bright and can blind. There is a essence of regality with this sign, and its self importance can override that of everyone else if misused. Developing greater self-awareness is useful.

Virgo the Virgin is ruled by Mercury. Mercury as it relates to Virgo is earthy, detailed, and service-oriented. There is a sense of serving something greater than the self, and that service has a particular order to it. Sometimes the details can be a source of illness if one becomes too obsessive or critical. Virgo also deals with everyday routines, diet, and how we service our bodies so that they may function properly. There is a joy in focusing on tasks, especially when there are obstacles. Listen to the body.

Libra the Balance is ruled by Venus. Venus as it relates to Libra is about relationships with others in idealistic terms. This is the house of marriage and business partners here, as well as contracts and open enemies. Libra prefers to experience all perspectives and positions before making a decision. The energy can appear fickle or wishy-washy, but once a decision is made, it is final. Libra seeks harmony and fairness especially in relation to the other, sometimes at the expense of itself. Harmony within the self must come first.

Scorpio is the Scorpion, and he has two rulers: Mars and Pluto. Only Scorpio and Aquarius have 2 rulers, and they share a special relationship, as they can both create and destroy. We are dealing with the Highest Will here. This governs transformation of the self through our relationships with others. It is deep like Cancer, but it has the power to change through its awareness of the conditions found in the 4th House. Shared resources are covered here, such as taxes and inheritance, which deals with how we bargain, borrow, and pay back. Be mindful of obsessiveness. 

Sagittarius is the Archer, and he is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter rules philosophy, long distance, foreign travel, religion, politics, and law. Jupiter is also associated with wealth, good fortune, and miracles. In the mundane world, Jupiter expands whatever it touches. This can also make a bad thing worse if aspected with a planet like Mars. It's not uncommon to gain weight during a strong Jupiter transit. Rewards come easily, but there will be a price later. Watch out for hubris.

Capricorn is the Goat, and he is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is also known as Chronos. He rules time, authority, structure. ethics, precision, and honor. This is the ultimate late bloomer. Saturn is heavy, cold, and can feel imprisoned within its rings. But those boundaries are there for a reason. This is where shit gets real and is often associated with the career or the father, but sometimes the mother. The trials of youth develop the character of the native, strengthening it for extended life. There can be a sense of aging backwards. Work must come first. Price is paid up front.

Aquarius the Water Carrier is ruled by Saturn and Uranus. The combination of these forces rules things such as advances in technology, humanitarian efforts, revolutionary ideas, eccentricity, and sometimes fanaticism. This is where we learn to dance with chaos, how to work with it in effort to develop long standing innovative structures. Aquarius is friendly without getting too personal. Aquarius also has a tendency toward destruction if it becomes bored or bombarded with feelings. Boundaries are important.

Pisces the Fish is ruled by Neptune. Some say Jupiter is its ancient ruler, as the 12th house is very expansive and Jupiter deals with themes of a higher order. Neptune rules dreams, mysticism, drugs, delusion, escape, compassion, and enchantment. This is the realm of the higher heart. This is also where we have a tendency to lie to ourselves unconsciously. Everything that happens here is just below the surface, right before dawn. It is similar to Cancer and Scorpio in terms of the karmic residue involved, but this where our awareness slips through the fingers. 

If you are interested in knowing your chart ruler, leave a comment or send a message!

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