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Venus Retrograde in Leo - How We Interface with Our Creations

We have a busy summer coming up featuring a potent Venus retrograde in Leo from July 22 to September 3. If you are looking to begin a new relationship, job, start a family, or begin a new artistic project, this is an excellent time to prepare. Pay attention to what happens now as all the territory covered from June 18 to July 22 will be up for review and revision. Note that the abbreviation for Retrograde is RX, signifying this quality of time as a prescription. A retrograde cycle has three parts - preview, review, revision. The preview period, also known as front end shadow, introduces us to what is up for review. The review period happens during the actual retrograde and is followed by a period of revision after the retrograde planet stations direct. This is also known as the back end shadow. Once it leaves the back end shadow, we will have a better grasp of our situation and what happens next. To be clear, retrograde planets do not move backwards, but due to the perception of