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The Lunar Nodes (part II) - The Eclipses and Our Life Journey

Welcome to Part II of the three part series on the Lunar Nodes. In this post, we will explore Solar and Lunar Eclipses, their relationships to the Moon's Nodes, and how they may affect our personal and collective lives here on Earth. Recall from the last post that the Moon's Nodes are points in space and time which describe the orbital dance of the Earth and Moon around the Sun - the 2 points where their orbits intersect. Basically when the transiting Sun and Moon make a conjunction to the Nodes, an Eclipse will happen. So how does this work?  An Eclipse is observed when an astronomical body passes into the shadow of another astronomical body, thus obscuring its view 1 . This is a unique event effecting the Earth’s magnetic field, and certain conditions must be met 2 . For a Solar Eclipse to occur, there must be a New Moon (Sun/Moon conjunction) with the Sun and Moon also in parallel in declination. Lunar Eclipses happen during the Full Moon (Sun/Moon opposition) when the Sun a

The Lunar Nodes (part I) - Beyond Destiny and Karma

As promised, the big blog post on the Nodes of the Moon is here - just in time for the Taurus/Scorpio axis ingress into the Aries/Libra axis tomorrow July, 12, 2023. The Nodes are described as the North Node of Destiny and the South Node of Karma. Or it has been referred to as the Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail. And it is also known as Rahu and Keta. But one thing is clear - all traditions of astrology deem the Nodes of the Moon as important. But what ARE they? What do they MEAN? How can I use them to navigate my life journey? The next few blog posts will attempt to answer these and other questions.   So the Nodes… what are they in actuality? We know what Planets are, and we know about asteroids and other celestial bodies, but the Nodes seem elusive. Basically the Nodes are points in space and time which are determined by the physical relationship between the Sun, Moon, and Earth. Each planetary body has its own orbital or predictable trajectory if you will. The Moon and the Earth eac