The Lunar Nodes (part I) - Beyond Destiny and Karma

As promised, the big blog post on the Nodes of the Moon is here - just in time for the Taurus/Scorpio axis ingress into the Aries/Libra axis tomorrow July, 12, 2023. The Nodes are described as the North Node of Destiny and the South Node of Karma. Or it has been referred to as the Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail. And it is also known as Rahu and Keta. But one thing is clear - all traditions of astrology deem the Nodes of the Moon as important. But what ARE they? What do they MEAN? How can I use them to navigate my life journey? The next few blog posts will attempt to answer these and other questions.

So the Nodes… what are they in actuality? We know what Planets are, and we know about asteroids and other celestial bodies, but the Nodes seem elusive. Basically the Nodes are points in space and time which are determined by the physical relationship between the Sun, Moon, and Earth. Each planetary body has its own orbital or predictable trajectory if you will. The Moon and the Earth each have their orbitals around the Sun. The Sun functions as the fixed point in our solar system, however it has its own cyclical orbital in the galaxy. The Sun follows the Galactic Center, the Earth (and the rest of the planets) follow the Sun, and the Moon follows Earth. Moons on other planets also follow their respective planets.

Now, each one of these planetary bodies has its own cycle - its own orbital period. Those orbital periods intersect and interact with orbitals of other planetary bodies, which creates a sort of dance or performance. In the case of the Lunar Nodes, we are talking about two points in space where the Moon intersects the orbital of the Earth around the Sun. This is the relationship between the 28-29 day lunar cycle and the 365-366 day solar cycle we humans experience on earth.

The Nodes, as mentioned previously, have two points - North (ascending) and South (descending). The North is considered to be a point of Destiny - our soul direction. And the South is a point of Karma - our soul past. Obviously this seems a little too generalized for a phenomenon so significant, and the connotations around the words destiny and karma are loaded with unintended meaning, so part of the writing here is to dispel some of this thinking. It is important to keep our focus on the nature of the Sun, the Moon, and what it means to be a living being on Earth. The Nodes travel through time, accompanying us as we age throughout life.

In accordance with the idea that the Nodes pertain to existence on earth, we must consider what sustains life on a basic level. So it safe to include things such as food, shelter, sex, family, offspring, survival, etc. In terms of the two points, we can view the North Node as the choice sitting before us, and we can look at the South Node as what actions were made when it was previously the North Node a little over 9 years ago. Keep in mind that the choice in front of us now will be up for review in a little over 9 years when the current North Node at hand occupies the opposite point as the South Node.

Right now the North Node is in Taurus, which is ruled by Venus. This is where we are making changes and decisions that will affect us for the next two decades. With Uranus and Jupiter both in Taurus and Venus in Leo preparing for her retrograde journey, the decisions we make regarding finances, relationships, desires, and resources should be scrutinized. The South Node is in Scorpio, meaning we can look back to late 2014 for reference in order to help us make the right choices. In other words, we have an opportunity to learn and grow from our past.  

If you are interested in knowing where this is happening in your chart, leave a comment or send a message. Part II is coming soon!

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