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Astrological Keys

 Hi Everyone! So want to extend a big thanks to all who have read and supported this blog and Peregrine Astrology. A year has passed since the first post! During this time, some of you have left comments, others have written, and some of you have asked for readings. The feedback has been enormous. In response to so many of you, this post is dedicated to outlining some basic Astrological details. Think of it like a quick reference page. So here goes: Basic Layout of a Natal Chart The circle represents the heavens in 2D space. Within the circle are the 4 angles that create the underlying structure of the chart. The AC (ascendant) is rising with the Sun, as it is the sign on the horizon at dawn. It determines the Chart Ruler (the planet with the final say within the chart), which governs how we approach life. The DC (descendant) is setting, and its Ruler governs how we approach others. The MC (medium coeli or midheaven) is noon and relates to how we engage with the world at large. The IC

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus in Taurus - Surrendering to Ourselves

Hi there! What a busy month! And we are only a little over half way through. Beginning with Mercury retrograde in Aries on April 2, a total Solar Eclipse across the eastern half of North America followed on April 8, and now we’re looking at Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus tomorrow, April 20. Add in Mercury’s direct station a few days later on April 25, and this conjunction can operate as a powerful catalyst in making extensive life changes that can ripple throughout the collective. This is an opportunity for us to become alchemists within the collective. So what does this mean, and how does it work?  Let’s begin with the conjunction itself. When dealing with a planet like Jupiter, we can expect whatever it touches to expand - for better or for worse. It really comes down to how we individually handle this energy. Uranus, however, is a wild card. It is the planet that governs humanity, its lifespan, and its advancements/evolution. So there is a meeting of these two bodies in the sign