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The Lunar Nodes (part III) - Navigating the Present Moment

Hello there and Happy New Year! As promised, although very late, this is the final installment of the three part series on the Lunar Nodes. In this post, we’ll cover Nodal placements, their aspects to other planets, and how we might make use of them. As previously discussed , the Nodes are extremely powerful and predictable points which function like a karmic calendar of recurring themes. On a personal level, we can utilize the Nodal placement in our Natal Charts to recognize, identify, and prepare for important themes and turning points in our lives. So how do we apply this information to our Natal Charts in order to navigate our present circumstances? Let’s begin with the Natal Nodes. The Nodes change signs about every two and half years, and everyone born in that time frame will have Nodes in the same sign. Some have referred to those sharing the same Nodes as a soul group - folks who are dealing with similar ancestral patterns. In this sense, the Nodes are thematic. Where things