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OMG! Some planet is making a Square to my natal chart! What does it MEAN?

Before we go off the rails worrying about Pluto pulling up and opposing our natal Sun, let’s take a more objective look at what transits are and the kinds of aspects they can make. When we talk about transits, we are talking about planetary bodies orbiting our sun. Transits literally mark the unfolding of events over time. We witness this first hand every month as the Moon transits the moving sky, triggering every aspect in our charts along the way. An aspect is the relationship between two or more points. In Astrology these points refer to planets, asteroids, centaurs, stars, and actual points in space and time as well as within our personal charts. As the solar system travels through three dimensional space, all these points come into contact one way or another in real time by way of these transits. No wonder the Moon is so potent! Everything has two sides. And when we interface with any oppositional energy, we become an active third force in the equation, allowing an integration of

Saturn Ingress into Pisces: What Does This Mean for ME?!

The first big astrological event of the year has arrived - Saturn has entered Pisces. This only to be followed by Pluto's ingress into Aquarius 2 weeks later, an encounter with the Moon’s Nodes as they enter the Aries/Libra axis, and Jupiter as it advances into Taurus (more on this in a different post). As we recover from the collective trauma of the Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto conjunction of 2020 and the squares of Pluto/Eris and Uranus/Saturn, these upcoming transits may feel a bit like fallout. We are tired of waiting and ready for good news. For some, an urge to tune out may arise. Others might worry themselves about fixing the future. And then there are those of us who just want to know what this means for us personally. So we’ll start with Saturn. He’s been a big player here lately, and most of us are terrified of him because of all the negative things we’re heard over the years. For the record, Saturn is not all bad, just as Jupiter is not all good. These planets are two sides of t

Why Astrology?

  Over the years, people have asked me why I study astrology. Sometimes it is couched in terms of why I believe in astrology, as if astrology is a religion or some way to find god. Let me underscore, astrology is only another system of observation which can be applied to help us navigate life. Are chemists ever asked why they believe in molecules? Matter at the particulate level is hidden from the naked eye, and only those who are properly trained can observe its behavior and direct affect on human life. The planets and luminaries, on the other hand, are directly observable to anyone who takes the time to notice something as mundane as the sun rise.   And that’s the key. The rising Sun is a powerful event. It affects us personally and in various ways. For most of us, it initiates the rising of our spirits after sleeping in darkness. It is difficult to work against its call to action; it motivates us to live life. That is, in essence, the case w