Why Astrology?


Over the years, people have asked me why I study astrology. Sometimes it is couched in terms of why I believe in astrology, as if astrology is a religion or some way to find god. Let me underscore, astrology is only another system of observation which can be applied to help us navigate life. Are chemists ever asked why they believe in molecules? Matter at the particulate level is hidden from the naked eye, and only those who are properly trained can observe its behavior and direct affect on human life. The planets and luminaries, on the other hand, are directly observable to anyone who takes the time to notice something as mundane as the sun rise.
And that’s the key. The rising Sun is a powerful event. It affects us personally and in various ways. For most of us, it initiates the rising of our spirits after sleeping in darkness. It is difficult to work against its call to action; it motivates us to live life. That is, in essence, the case with our astrological rising sign known as the Ascendant. The Ascendant, calculated as the point on the horizon at the time and place of our birth, describes the sensory awareness of our lived experiences. Everything is filtered through the Ascendant. This is why some of us may feel unlike our Sun sign, because it only tells one part of the story. The Sun colors our personality and influences how we interface with life on the surface rather than what animates our entire being.
In chart analysis, I look for three things - Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. These can be summed up as ego, soul, spirit or metaphorically as inner father, mother, child. The Sun, as I previously mentioned, is how we express ourselves out in the world of doing, moving, and shaking. It is how we come across to other people in the world of personality. But behind all that lies the Moon, and its placement can be at odds with the Sun. Folks born under the auspices of the full Moon have lot of energy available, simply because of the oppositional tension generated between the needs of the ego and that of the soul. There is a drive to balance these two energies, and the native will spend their lives doing so in accordance with their Chart Ruler. And this is where things get tricky. The Chart Ruler is the planet (or planets in some cases) which governs the sign of the Ascendant, and all planets must contend with it!
For instance, if you are a Gemini or Virgo rising, your chart is ruled by Mercury. These folks usually experience very socially active lives, as Mercury is the closest to the Sun and moves faster than any other object in our solar system with the exception of the Moon. They are often in contact with all sorts of ideas and communications and bring these to the masses. For Scorpio Rising, you have the blessing (or curse) of dealing with two heavy hitting Chart Rulers - Pluto and Mars. The relationship between these two planets is the key to navigating the enormous depth and power presented by being born in this section of space and time. Pluto takes about 248 years to orbit the sun, and Mars has an orbit of 687 days. No wonder Scorpio can be so intimidating!
So what does this all mean to someone wanting a stronger handle on their game? Follow the Chart Ruler! Knowing what that planet(s) are up to - transits, behavior, and aspects to other planets, especially the sun and moon - can provide important and useful insight to your current life circumstances. It is akin to finding your life rhythm. For a Cancer Rising, Moon phases are going to have a stronger effect on you than someone who has the opposite sign of Capricorn on the Ascendant. Your life will move faster than another governed by the slow and methodical 28 year orbit of Saturn, as the Moon rounds the Sun every 28 days! What a dance!
If you are interested in knowing more about your Chart Ruler, you can find your feet here! Message me or leave a comment. I will be happy to answer any questions you have. But for now, here’s a list of the Zodiac Signs, ruling planets, and orbital periods to get you started.
Zodiac                                                Ruler                                                Orbital
Aries -                                                 Mars                                             (687 days)
Taurus -                                              Venus                                            (225 days)
Gemini -                                            Mercury                                          (88 days)
Cancer -                                              Moon                                          (28-30 days)
Leo -                                                    Sun                                          (365-366 days)
Virgo -                                               Mercury                                          (88 days)
Libra -                                                Venus                                            (225 days)
Scorpio -                                        Mars + Pluto                           (687 days) + (248 years)
Sagittarius -                                        Jupiter                                            (12 years)
Capricorn -                                         Saturn                                         (28-30 years)
Aquarius -                                    Saturn + Uranus                       (28-30 years) + (84 years)
Pisces -                                        Jupiter + Neptune                        (12 years) + (165 years)   
Best Wishes!


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