Venus Retrograde in Leo - How We Interface with Our Creations

We have a busy summer coming up featuring a potent Venus retrograde in Leo from July 22 to September 3. If you are looking to begin a new relationship, job, start a family, or begin a new artistic project, this is an excellent time to prepare. Pay attention to what happens now as all the territory covered from June 18 to July 22 will be up for review and revision. Note that the abbreviation for Retrograde is RX, signifying this quality of time as a prescription.

A retrograde cycle has three parts - preview, review, revision. The preview period, also known as front end shadow, introduces us to what is up for review. The review period happens during the actual retrograde and is followed by a period of revision after the retrograde planet stations direct. This is also known as the back end shadow. Once it leaves the back end shadow, we will have a better grasp of our situation and what happens next. To be clear, retrograde planets do not move backwards, but due to the perception of us earthbound beings, it appears as they do. Perception is the key here. When a planet (especially a personal one such as Mercury, Venus, and Mars) stations retrograde, we have an opportunity to gain perspective on those energies and how they operate in our everyday lives, allowing us to make informed decisions.

With a retrograde Venus in Leo, we are diving into those Venusian areas of life governed by the Sun. The Sun is the biggest player in our existence. No one can deny this. It is fundamental to life on earth, like water, air, and earth. We need the Sun in order to grow. The time of year each one of us is born will have an effect on our general demeanor. People born June through August in the Northern Hemisphere appear to have sunnier dispositions. Those born in December or January might lean a little more heavy into realism. As children, we learn our birthdays are very important through our parents. As we grow, they become markers for the following year. Birthday parties are a thing. If it always seems to rain on our birthday, we might learn that life is a series of adjustments. If the Sun is always shining on our birthday, we can feel like the world will always provide. This is the simplest way the Sun functions personally and socially. Dynamically, we are dealing with how our egos permeate our desires.

With Venus currently under the rulership of the Sun, this expansive light is influencing our relationships, financial dealings, and creative endeavors. Most often Venus in Leo signifies youth. It is a boundless energy, and it can be positive or negative as with anything we encounter. It amounts to how we handle and process the energy. We can see this play out in the world of politics, with minors seeking to control their own healthcare and strengthen their voices with the right to vote. Venus also pertains to women’s issues, which as we know have been in the spotlight for several years with #metoo and the end of Roe.    

However, Jupiter and Uranus are both in Taurus under the influence of Venus, but it is not without its share of challenge. The fixed sign of Taurus is square to Leo, indicating tension. So we can expect some events around finances and relationships. It may seem like a good thing, and we can find ourselves full of desire, but it is important to wait it out. Add in the changing Nodes and their square to Pluto (more on this in the next post), these events are likely to be potent, pivotal, and lasting. As discussed in previous posts, Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and Uranus orchestrates change. Venus in Leo will square both of these planets.

Here is a timeline for those who are keeping notes:

July 1          - front end Venus square Uranus
July 22        - Venus station RX
Aug 9          - RX Venus square Uranus
Aug 15        - RX Venus square Jupiter   
Aug 28        - Uranus station RX
Sept 3          - Venus station Direct
Sept 4          - Jupiter station RX
Sept 16        - back end Venus square Jupiter RX
Sept 29        - back end Venus square Uranus RX
Oct 6           - Venus completes RX journey

So what does this mean? On July 1, arising events will show us where we can expect changes over the course of this period. On July 22, the review period begins. It is recommended to avoid making any changes until this period has passed. August 9th, the events around July 1 will resurface followed up with some expansion on the issues a few days later. The next week, Uranus will begin its backtrack, holding off any major change until January. A few days later Venus stations direct with Jupiter stationing retrograde the next day, allowing us to see what needs to happen. Mid September, Venus meets up again with Jupiter, who is now RX, triggering the expansive qualities once again followed by the final square to RX Uranus who rules the changes. By the end of the first week of October, we should be clear on how to proceed when all planets direct early 2024.

How this plays out personally, as always, varies from person to person, chart to chart, depending on natal aspects, chart ruler, and affected houses. If you would like to know more about this Venus RX and how it will affect you personally, leave a comment or send a message!

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